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What to remember when it hurts [post-election check up]


More To Love teaches plus size women how to learn body-acceptance and end dieting for good. 

What to remember when it hurts [post-election check up]

Rachel Estapa

As a More to Lovely, you may be having a lot of strong feels right now. And without dipping into the political landscape of our nation, I do want to offer you a little yogi-lesson in the hope it helps. 

Like so many, words are tough for me to come by so I'm just feeling and paying close attention to all the sensations in my body.

For right now, that is enough for me. It is enough for you, too. Hold space for yourself and others. 

This is very hard, I know...

But consider this: in the ancient text that is a cornerstone of yoga teaching, the very first line reads "Now, the practice of yoga begins."

And this line is meant to be repeated over and over, breath by breath, for all of one's life. That in every moment, the painful or joyous, there is an opportunity to return back to oneself.

This is helping me now.

It's helping me feel the confusing array of thoughts and emotions without needed to resolve. It's serving as a gentle reminder to return to what is essential, what is my foundation - a commitment to being more to love, in all the ways it can unfold.

And the path back home simply asks us to breathe, to calm the body, to still the mind. And in time, act. In act. 

This may sound like the "yogi" or "life coach" thing to say, but what is the point of all this learning and teaching if when needed most, I cannot turn to it? 

This is yoga, too. This is your acceptance too - not requiring to change a thing - only to witness.

And here at More to Love, I really strive to make it a positive and welcoming space for you to do just that. 

Now, the practice of yoga begins. And continues.