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More To Love teaches plus size women how to learn body-acceptance and end dieting for good. 

Worth, not weight

Rachel Estapa

When I say “weight doesn't measure worth” what I’m really saying is….to love yourself is to cultivate your WORTH.

When you’re larger, weight and worth can feel chained together. It’s hard to break away from valuing yourself based on a number, a size. If you want peace, you've got to focus on the real-deal of worth you already have inside.

Weight is forgettable, changeable, uninspired. Worth is magnetic, irresistible and authentic.

Worth is the indispensable spark you bring into your life. It’s what people feel off you. Your energy. Your essence. 

If you feel no worth, you transmit it. The higher you feel your own worth, the higher other people recognize it too. This is not arrogance which holds you are better than another. 

Worth ignites confidence, which is an attitude of openness and possibility. 

A life focused on supporting worth leads to surrounding yourself with people, experiences and opportunities that support the very best within you.

Work on making this approach to worth thrill you – that is true self-love.