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MTLClass Details

More To Love Class -- Kick-off Call recording

For those who missed the MTLClass call (or if you loooooved it so much & wanna hear it again) please access the following recording. Oh...FYI, around min 14 is when I *accidently* got cut from the call; but it comes back! hehe 

Welcome to the More To Love Class!

I am so honored and grateful that you chose to join the More To Love Class and your trust in me and this work is of utmost importance. YOU are why I created this class and YOU will not only learn so much about yourself and your fabulous body, but you’ll teach me as well. And that’s the beauty of building a loving community - we’re all teachers and students, in this together.

It’s really exciting to be launching the More To Love Class this February - it’s such a perfect month to focus on self-love. This email has A LOT of info, so save it. Don't stress, it's really not too complicated :) But right now, give yourself 5 minutes and put your full attention to this email because it’s got important info regarding the class, plus, you deserve a little break!

OK first thing...did you thank yourself for signing up? No? Do it, because it’s not everyday you commit to 28 days on something that will make you feel amazing. 5..4...3...2...1….THANK YOU.

Live Kick-Off Call: Thursday, January 30 at 8:00pm EST is the live-kick off call, officially launching and starting the More To Love Class. Yay! You’re going to want to attend because I will be going over some very helpful guidelines to make the most of the class, including class etiquette + helpful tools to make your sharing more creative and fun. You’ll also receive the FIRST activity for February 1.  Whitney Thore of No Body Shame Campaign will join us to talk about how she lives confidently in a larger body, and we'll have some Q&A time at the end. The call will last about 45mins, so get cozy and call in.

If you’re going to miss the call, please email me as soon as possible so I can keep track. Regarding a recording of it, I will be setting one up but I do not rely on play-back because unfortunately, it’s not always working. In short: try really hard to be there!

More To Love Class Facebook Group: On Wednesday, Jan 29, you will receive an invitation directly from me via Facebook to join the private More To Love Class group. This page is where you will share and interact with the other members of the class. When you join it, go in and introduce yourself and get chatting with others.

The group is a safe place, no judgment or unwarranted advice allowed, and everyone's information is kept private -- so no sharing outside the group or w/out explicit permission first. Guidelines about how to use the group will be discussed on the live-call and will also be made available within the group as a post.

Keeping Track of the Daily Activities: Each Sunday starting February 2, you’ll receive an email from me listing out the weeks activities ahead (it's nice to have a little advanced planning). By 8:00am EST each morning, I will also post the days activity as a reminder to the Facebook Group, including a link to a password-protected page that contains all the activities to date. More about this page on the call. 

Be social, share it! The MTLClass is also a great jump-start for you to begin that personal blog or share more photos of your life within your on your social accounts, outside of the class page. Only share your own content and when you do, please use the tag #MTLClass so people know you're proudly part of the More To Love Class. Be sure to follow and tag my own accounts too - I'd love to boost and share your work! 

What the More To Love Class really provides is a space for you to get comfortable sharing yourself, your body-struggles and triumphs, because doing so is a proven way to develop more confidence and happiness. You will learn techniques that change how you view yourself and your body - this work is deep and offers the right amount of challenge, but is truly creative and fun as well. The 28 activities will vary each day, but all have one core thread: your own experience developing self-acceptance is the best teacher of all. 

Of course at any time from now until the end of the More To Love Class, don't hesitate to send me your questions! I am 100% here for you.

<3 Rachel

PS. Enrollment officially ends on Sunday, February 2 so the class size will keep growing; please keep spreading the word!