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Yoga Class + Events

helping you enjoy yoga, no matter your size.

Held at the Arts Armory in Somerville, MA, More to Love Yoga is a safe, supportive and empowering way to practice yoga and body-acceptance. Explore the full calendar here. 

More to Love Yoga focuses on weaving together holistic yoga practices alongside MTL's core message of body respect and empowerment. We also provide you with plenty of supportive props, like blocks, soft blankets, extra-large straps and high-quality mats to borrow (in case you don’t have one yet!) Explore the class descriptions below and don't hesitate to email me with any questions!

More to Love Yoga (Sundays, 11:00am) is a gentle class designed to help you feel more connected and capable in your body. Each class weaves together foundational yoga postures and strikes a balance between ease and opportunities to challenge oneself. Core to More to Love’s foundation of body-acceptance, MTLYoga will help you appreciate your body as you stretch and concludes with a soothing relaxation. Excellent for all, especially beginners and those working with limitations and/or injuries. 

More to Love Yoga (Thursdays, 7:15PM)
More to Love Yoga during the week is an invigorating yoga practice for those who wish to explore a wider variety of poses, including more advanced. The pace is elevated more than Sunday's class, but remains balanced between the flow of effort and ease, allowing you to reach a deeper experience with your body's power. MTLYoga will increase strength and flexibility as you continue to build a richer yoga practice of yoga. Some previous yoga experience suggested, but not required.

Upcoming Events & Workshops

More to Love Yoga Essentials Series, Spring 2017
last Workshop - being a more to love yoga - Saturday, march 18, 2017

Woven into each of the monthly gatherings is the very best of my professional yoga teaching and body-acceptance education to help you experience a rich body-awareness blended with fundamental yogic practice. Beginning October 2016, the MTLYoga Essentials Series will run monthly through Spring 2017.

More to Love Yoga Workshop at MEDA (Multi-Service Eating Disorders Association), Newton, MA
March 4 || 12:00-2:00PM
Cost: Free

Namaste Saturday at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston with Rachel Estapa, More to Love
Saturday, March 11 || 9:00-10:00AM
Cost: $25

Save the date: Replenish: A body-loving retreat for women @Borealis Yoga Community
Saturday, April 8 || 1:00 - 5:00PM

What people are saying about More to Love Yoga!

"More to Love Yoga has convinced me I am a yogi. It is the first yoga practice I have stuck with. I'm so thankful to have More To Love Yoga in my community." ~Janelle L.

"I felt so comfortable in this class. It was nice to be with women who look like me. I was able to be fully present." ~Stacy M.

"I love Rachel's class because it reminds me to listen to my body and do what feels good to me, which is what yoga is supposed to be about. Some other classes seem to lose sight of that self-nurturing component in favor of what seems like a competitive atmosphere, but here there's no judgment and I feel 100% comfortable to push myself as far as my body will let me." ~Ashley W.

"I have been big my entire life, currently in just over 300lbs. I often feel limited in what I can do but MTLYoga showed me that I was capable of doing a lot more. I felt better about who I was and how I fit into this world. I've actually used a few techniques in my day to day life so that I'm no longer limited with my movements." ~Laura R.

Hi, I'm Rachel Estapa

You are allowed to feel good in your body, more matter your size. As the founder of More to Love, I am committed to helping you learn how to love your body through safe, inspiring, and well-respected programs offered here in the Boston area and beyond.

I am a trained and certified yoga teacher and life coach, having now completed well over 1,000 hours of professional training from the worlds top programs, like the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health. On top of my credentials, I have years of personal experience overcoming body-shame and infuse this into each aspect of my work. Through More to Love's various programs, I have taught hundreds of people in-person (thousands online) the art of practical body-acceptance. And I'm just getting started!

I invite you to join More to Love Yoga and see for yourself the power of our body-positive class and community! 

More to Lovingly Yours, Rachel