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Day 25: Myselfie

Day 25: Myselfie

You might love them already, or totally loath them, but taking self portraits is one of the more supportive ways to increase body acceptance, when you do it the right way.

This activity might seem intimidating because images of yourself or your body may trigger lots of fear around how you'll see yourself. The powerful part of self portraits (selfies) is that you can control to some degree how you'd like to present yourself. Of course, this can be used as a tool for good, or not-so-good. But in More to Love Course, we're aiming for good. No, we're aiming for REAL. 

Today, you will take a selfie (or 2 or 3!) that you feel best represents you today and share it with the group.

I have a friend who is an expert on self portraits for self-love, Vivienne McMaster of Be Your Own Beloved. Her specialty is helping women discover the power of photography on body love and self-expression. On her page are tons of tips, ideas and ways too approach this. 

To help give you get more comfortable taking and sharing images of yourself, consider this: the more you look at something with kind eyes, the kinder you see yourself too. This means if you need some inspiration on positive body-image selfies, seek them out. 

When I first started on my body-love path, I quickly realized the more I took positive images of myself, thought them positive, and shared them, the stronger I felt about my body in the world. My personal Instgram profile is where I share the images I want reflected of me. I'm not presenting a fake or curated life- my photos are honest representations of me in a moment. They are a source of power, authenticity and what I enjoy about myself.

I hope this activity starts a special practice of self-reflection through appreciating your image - because I know we all want to see you :)