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The More To Love Class: A virtual e-class devoted to being curvy, happy & healthy!


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During this virtual-class, you'll enjoy a month of body-positive activities lovingly designed to help you celebrate your curvy life!

How amazing would you feel if every day, you focused on just ONE act that is guaranteed to boost your confidence, make you feel more beautiful in your curvy body, and most of all, FEELS FUN?!

I created the More To Love Class as a way for you to experience first-hand how to create a life that celebrates your curves and allows you to be both happy and healthy in doing so. This e-class is guaranteed to boost your love affair with your curvy-self, whether you're just starting out or are a long-time curvy warrior.

For the month of February, you're invited to join the first ever More To Love Class and become a part of an inspiring community of women who want to love their bodies at any size.

For each day beginning February 1, you'll have a challenge that will comprise of ways to enhance your body-image, relationship with food, experience with fitness, flaunt your unique fashion, and much more. These daily missions are designed to invoke a sense of playfulness, creativity and daring as you push yourself to deepen your body-acceptance while inspiring others. 


It's totally up to you how you want to embody each of the daily missions and share it with the More To Love community.  Maybe you'll express it with a photo or piece of writing; or a video or your own artwork. 

More To Love Class is guaranteed to make you feel  beautiful, creative, and wise while you celebrate your curvy body and life. 

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  Rock your favorite color!

Rock your favorite color!

  Reconnect with your body

Reconnect with your body

  Be more OPEN

Be more OPEN

  Surround yourself with loving images

Surround yourself with loving images

  Find your sexy & flaunt it

Find your sexy & flaunt it

>>More examples of what types of activities you'll be challenged to do: 

  • Re-define what sexy means to you

  • Prepare and share your favorite go-to healthy meal

  • Reclaim your boundaries by telling someone "Nope, can't do that!"

  • Write a letter to your younger self to help her when she first experienced body-insecurity

  • Spend an evening at home playing dress-up in your room!

These prompts are lovingly crafted to inspire you to share your creativity and awesome-ness, as well as help you uncover and move beyond what's been holding you back from living confidently. Some will be challenging, but that's the point - you cannot grow unless you experience, understand and consciously move beyond what has been keeping you stuck. Not only will you have my help and encouragement, you'll also have a loving community to cheer you on! 

When you register, you'll receive --

  • A weekly email each Sunday for the duration of the course which will map out your activities for the week ahead (Sunday - Saturday)
  • Access to a private Facebook group for this class only, where you'll be able to safely share your experience with each of the activities
  • Invitation to a live kick-off call on Thursday, January 30 officially launching More To Love Class and where you'll learn what your FIRST activity will be for February 1
  • The support of a wonderful group of encouraging, creative and wise women who also want to increase their daily levels of happiness and body-love
  • An unbelievably FUN, CREATIVE and LOVING adventure that'll change your relationship to your body!

COST? It will be shown when enrollment opens, but don't worry --  it's budget-friendly :)

Enrollment opens on January 7.

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