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Boston area plus size yoga and body image coaching 

Now offering:
Private Yoga Lessons + Love Your Body Sessions

Private MOre to love Yoga Lessons

Private lessons with me are an excellent way to ensure yoga is meeting your personal needs best. Whether you’re brand new to yoga and want to learn the basics, or  are interested in deepening your practice, my approach to yoga will help you feel connected and comfortable in your body at any size. 

I teach people, not poses and I specialize in helping plus size women make yoga work for their bodies by offering practical modifications & assists that enhance your full experience as your practice. I believe you get the most benefit from yoga when you listen and respect your bodies needs. I also blend my body-acceptance lessons, guided meditations, and relaxation into each session (if desired), so you can trust that our devoted time together will help you feel more balanced body, mind & spirit. 

Benefits of private yoga session(s):

  • Learn how to modify and adjust poses for your unique body
  • Learn yoga basics so you can begin a home-practice or try a class
  • Decrease stress and promote greater well-being
  • Safely practice yoga for chronic pain or are healing from injury
  • Explore meditation/mindfulness to increase relaxation
  • Feel safe and respected as you're taught by another plus size woman who understands

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Yoga supplies (mats, blocks, blankets, straps, bolsters) are provided, but feel free to bring personal items too

Love Your Body Session (in-person or Skype)

Working on learning to love your body is a very emotional process and one you do not have to venture through alone. I am offering tailored body image sessions for those ready to move beyond hating their bodies, but need some expert guidance (and love) along the way. Since everyone's body image story is unique, we will spend time learning what areas you want to work on most and from there, I'll create a plan to help you feel more happy with your body-relationship.

Examples of areas I've worked privately with women on:

  • Overcoming emotional eating / yo-yo diet cycle
  • Intuitive eating 
  • Building self-confidence and decreasing body-shame
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) management
  • Fitness & exercise in a larger body
  • Body-image in dating/relationships
  • Coaching around greater happiness and purpose
  • Other health/wellness coaches and professionals
  • Many other topics totally tailored to what you need

I knew that taking her one-on-one session would be beneficial to me, but whoa, was I not expecting what I would get from only one 1 hr session! Rachel was relatable, sweet, and always ready to boost my confidence. I felt comfortable and safe in her space (a beautiful, relaxing location!!). During the session, she was not only interested in my personal goals, but she helped me notice the way I was holding tension in my body and we worked on both of those things together. This session is an excellent value and I’m definitely going for seconds!
— Khadeja Merenkov

Book your private session today! All  yoga and in-person coaching sessions take place at Sollievo Massage & Bodywork Center, 2285 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA 02140

Questions? Please complete the form below or conact: Rachel [at] MoreToLoveWithRachel [dot] com

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About me & yoga || I am a plus size yogi, meaning, I have a full and amazing yoga practice in a larger body than you typically see doing yoga. I think it’s essential to show the diversity of bodies in yoga, so I get excited to help make this incredible practice available to women who feel left out of it.

I am a trained and certified 200 hour Kripalu yoga teacher and certified professional life coach and my style is holistic - I help you connect mind, body & spirit to support your well-being on and off the mat. No body is “too big” to to have an amazing life - let's work together! Read more about how I can help you.