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Day 1: Permission Slip


Please read through and watch the "Getting Started" information before beginning the course. Then, listen to this brief audio explaining the first lesson of More to Love Course. 

To begin the More To Love Course, you will enter into a loving contract with yourself. Set aside time to reflect upon why you joined MTL in the first place. What inspired you to join? How do you want to feel after? Then give yourself permission to experience what is it you want to find within yourself during this course. Be bold and daring!

Fill in the following: 

“I, _______________, GIVE MYSELF PERMISSION TO _________________ DURING THE MORE TO LOVE COURSE.”

Visit PicMonkey and create your own unique permission slip image. PicMonkey will become your new favorite thing, which is why I am introducing it early!

Post your permission slip to the Facebook Group and go give support, love, and encouragement to others’ slips too. I even suggest you print it out and keep it someplace you’ll see each day as a reminder.