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RISE 5 Day Yoga + Body Love Challenge

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RISE is an online, 5-day yoga challenge for plus size women

The next Rise Challenge will be announced soon - add your name to stay connected!

Members of RISE receive a video lesson of the 15-minute RISE Yoga Flow, taught by More to Love founder and professional yoga teacher Rachel Estapa, which includes helpful tips on how to make yoga comfortable for your body.

You will also receive daily support to fuel your body love and have access to More to Love's friendly Facebook community to connect with people like you. You'll also be able to join the RISE LIVE: How to be Fearless & Fabulous in Your Yoga Body! webinar.

Make RISE work on your own schedule, from the comfort of your home. By doing 10 minutes of yoga each day, you'll feel invigorated, confident and beautiful in your body!

Join RISE for free 

Do you...

  • Wonder "Can *I* do yoga, too?" but unsure if your body is able to?
  • Want to learn yoga for your larger body that's actually TAUGHT by someone like you?
  • Crave "me time" during your busy day?
  • Need a boost of body-love so you can feel confident?

RISE will give you a daily dose of yoga + body love you can enjoy no matter your size

What is RISE?

RISE is a free online 5 day yoga program for plus size bodies. You will learn a short and empowering More to Love Yoga practice to do daily during the RISE challenge. In addition, you'll learn and apply More to Love's signature approach to body love.

What's included?

  • A More to Love Yoga video teaching you the RISE Flow - a gentle and energizing 10-minute yoga practice
  • Daily inspiration and activities to get your body-love flowing and growing
  • Access to a private RISE Facebook Group [well over 100 RISE members!] to share and connect with other RISE members
  • Invitation to RISE LIVE: How to be Fearless & Fabulous in Your Yoga Body! hosted by Rachel Estapa
  • Members-only exclusive offer to keep your RISE actions going

What's the format?
Monday May 7 through Friday May 11, you are invited to do my 15-minute More to Love RISE Flow, a simple and energizing yoga sequence that gets you feeling connected and tuned-in to your body. In addition, you'll receive inspiring More to Love writing prompts that help strengthen your body-love, too!

  • Day 1....Be in Your Body. Start our challenge by learning via a video our simple and uplifting yoga practice (15 mins!) that you will do daily during our challenge.
  • Day 2....Mind What Matters. Envision how body-love will awaken your deepest More to Lovely-ness
  • Day 3....The Heart of You. Learn how to listen to and follow your heart's body-loving wisdom
  • Day 4....The Whole of You. Embrace all of you and celebrate!
  • Day 5....RISE LIVE via Facebook LIVE: Bring it all together during our exclusive RISE LIVE: How to be Fearless & Fabulous in Your Yoga Body! on Friday, May 11 from 12-1PM EST.
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About More to Love Yoga

More to Love Yoga helps plus size bodies learn yoga. No more fretting "Yikes, I don't fit in..." because we remove the fear of being judged for your body. We teach yoga that is honest, helpful, and fun so that you feel amazing on and off your yoga mat. At More to Love Yoga, you are welcome - just as you are! 


Meet Rachel Estapa

Founder and Chief More to Lovely, Rachel loves helping big bodies learn and fall in love with yoga. 10 years a yogi herself + a trained yoga teacher, Rachel knows how it feels to go from intimidated to confident. She created a non-judgemental, shame-free space where all bodies can learn to love yoga and themselves. 

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"Rachel, this sounds AWESOME...but..."

"...I've never done yoga before..."
Fabulous! RISE is perfect for beginners and those experienced with yoga. Day 1, you'll even receive a guided video of me teaching the RISE Yoga Flow, which can easily be done at home, at work...anywhere.

"This is free? Really?"
Yup! I want you to experience a taste of what More to Love Yoga can do for you!

"Great! How do I join?"
Simply add your name + email. You'll then receive a welcome email that includes a link to join the members-only Facebook Group + daily emails during the challenge to help you keep track.

The RISE Yoga Challenge is a simple and energizing way for you to get a little bit of yoga into your day and build up your body love.