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The best place to start your body-love journey

 Self-Guided More to Love eCourse!


loving your  body is easy with the right tools & support

It's time to stop letting your weight hold you back from living. I want to help you discover how a life devoted to body acceptance will bring peace of mind to your relationship with your body, increase your confidence, help you develop richer intimacy in relationships, and re-charge your commitment to honoring the authentic person you are.

I'm Rachel and I used to hate my body. I kept hiding myself, playing small, all because I didn't think I deserved a great life if I didn't have a body worthy of that. But I no longer believe that and now I help women like you figure out how to love your body and embrace life. 

As a larger woman who has revolutionized the way I connect with my body and celebrate my life, I know what it takes to experience lasting confidence without losing weight.

So, how did I do it? That's what my work is all about teaching you how to do! My More to Love Course will change your whole attitude on your body and self by helping you...

  • gain outstanding confidence to stop letting weight hold you back
  • reconnect with your authentic, creative self
  • develop skills to quiet your inner mean-girl voice
  • master how to squash body-insecurity
  • value your own self-worth and not what the scale says
  • enjoy moving your body in a way that feels natural and easy
  • embody mindful habits to fuel your inner-peace
  • feel beautiful no matter your size
  • overcome negative thinking
  • fall in love with your natural beauty, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes
  • treasure the gift of an accepting and friendly online community
  • ...and so much more!

More and more women are ditching diets and choosing instead to love and appreciate their body today, regardless of size. They are throwing out the scale, turning up the confidence, and are celebrating life. In doing so, they are saving time, money, and energy, and are reclaiming life. Women are discovering there is a way to balance health, happiness, and love for their body, and in doing so, are changing not only their lives, but the world too. 

I have always struggled with my body image and have never felt that I was quite good enough, pretty enough, or anything else enough.
— Tami E., former student

Be More to Love

in your body & our supportive community

Perhaps youve heard of body acceptance and see some incredible women leading the march like model Tess Holiday or personal friend and former client of mine, Whitney Thore, from TLCs My Big Fat Fabulous Life all rocking their figures and lives.

And you wonder, “How’d they do it? What’s allowing them to see their bodies differently? What’s the secret to liberating myself from weight and worry?

Thats what the More to Love Course does—I teach you how to love your body and make health and happiness work for size you. 

There is an amazing relief in personally finding the balance between health and happiness, and learning to love your body right now is the only place to start. It’s my story, and it’s now the story of hundreds of students of the More To Love Course.

More To Love Course will work for youR unique Body and life

When you join the More to Love Course, you will be guided through weekly lessons designed to help you be more positive towards your body. You will learn ways to end nasty thoughts, appreciate your natural beauty, feel saner around food, and become motivated to stick with healthy habits that feel good to you.

A guided path to help you master lasting body confidence

The newly updated Self-Guided More to Love Course contains inspiring and easy-to-follow lessons and assignments designed to teach an aspect of body confidence. When you focus on listening and trusting your body, you no longer feel pressure to be a certain size. You will learn how to access your inner voice to help you feel more confident as you apply my easy-to-follow lessons to increase overall happiness with your body and self.

The More to Love Course is broken up into stages** that are built upon the lessons and learnings from the previous, ensuring you feel the exciting momentum as you progress.

Stage 1 – Fall in Love: Inspiring lessons to help you reconnect and re-align to your body and self

Stage 2: Break Free: Learn how to quiet negative thinking & stop wasting precious energy on exhaustive habits that keep you from being happy

Stage 3: Revolutionize: create powerful commitments to help you maintain and MANAGe your health, happiness & lifestyle, any size

Stage 4: Be More to Love: lead your life with a deep confidence as you embody the lessons and revelations of being more to love

**Note: More to Love Course is optimally designed to be completed within a month/4 weeks. Begin on a Monday so that you can have Sunday's as a time to reflect, rest, dig deeper. 

More to Love Course is creative, reflective, personal, collaborative, and transformational. As a member, youll get direct access to the best tools and resources available on body confidence and a safe space to share and practice it, risk free. 

As a bonus to help support you even more, you are invited to join and share your discoveries in our private and secure online social network. Here you receive encouragement and feedback from those who are currently or have taken the program. 

When you take the self-guided More To Love Course, you’ll receivE

  • unlimited online access to a private More to Love Course portal available to you when and wherever you need it, forever
  • a collection of 28 inspiring and powerful lessons and activities proven to increase body confidence
  • introduction video to help you set up for amazing success during the course
  • unique guided audio to help you begin the course in the best, most positive mind-set possible
  • a private and secure online community via Facebook, ensured to make you feel comfortable and safe
  • loving support from a group of like-minded (and bodied!) people who have taken/are taking the program too

You're also GUARANTEED

  • friendly support to help you stay on track so you can love your body easier and enjoy life faster
  • periodic opportunities to connect LIVE with Rachel Estapa and other More to Lovelies
  • the satisfaction of being a member of  what the Boston Globe has named “Best of the New" for body acceptance

Sample of More to Love Course

I am so confident in MTLCourse's exceptional body-image lessons, that I'm sharing  a sample of the powerful activity including in this course. 28 in total, each activity comes with a thoughtfully written teaching + creative assignment guaranteed to bring daily body love into your life easier than ever before. 

The More to Love Course is a highly-recommended course designed to increase body confidence today while supporting your health and happiness long-term. As your teacher, I respond to every single post you share, giving you honest feedback and suggestions on how to apply the daily lessons to your life. There is no other program out there that provides this level of one-on-one support and incredible transformations quickly and affordably.

You're not alone - we are all more to love!

Another incredible benefit of taking the Self-Guided More to Love Course is the group of women cheering you on. You have the option to share and reflect upon each of your daily lessons within the private and secure Facebook group. Here, you'll receive loving support, encouragement, insights and much more. The More to Love Course is both personal and community-focused, a winning combitation that has More to Lovelies growing and supporting one another.

What former MTLCourse students have to say . . .

students of the More To Love Course say the course helped them

  • take pressure off weight by learning how to make health and happiness work for their unique body.
  • put a stop to negative thoughts and increased the positive ones.
  • have more fun with fashion and makeup.
  • feel more authentic and confident in their professional lives.
  • increase intimacy in relationships to feel more loved and connected.
  • experience relief from the stress of dieting and shame.
  • open up more through the supportive community of women taking the course along with them.

words for More to Love Course  graduates! 

Transformative. I’m so impressed with not only the shifts in mindset but also the more measurable changes, like buying a brand-new wardrobe that actually fits, creating a blog, and producing so much empowering images to remind myself of the progress I’ve made and how I want to approach my body, weight, and life.
I feel more confident in myself and my appearance. I feel like my good days and positive thoughts about myself far outnumber the days where I’m feeling down about myself.
The changes are amazing. I found that I’m happier and more confident and walk with my head a little higher.
I would describe the changes in a single word...metamorphosis. I experienced change in every area of my body image and self talk during the class. I’m still me...but a brighter, happier, more confident me.
I challenge my own thinking a lot more. It’s helped a lot to get me out of the automatic mindset that I’m not enough as I am right now. I still have a long way to go, but it’s a great step in the right direction.
I really feel like this class has made a difference for me, in just four short weeks. My husband has been telling me for years things that I just couldn’t get in my brain to believe. I feel like I can make a go of my life at this size or any size. I have nothing to hide and everything to gain. I’m so tired of living my life by hiding so this is now time to get out there and ROCK!

Meet Rachel Estapa, Founder and CEO


Come be More to Love!

Rachel Estapa, founder of More to Love®, is a certified life coach, certified Kripalu Yoga teacher (200 hour), writer, speaker, and social entrepreneur who focuses on creating an accepting community for plus size women to explore health and wellness. Through writing, private coaching, online group-coaching programs and on-site workshops, she educates plus size women on how to redefine what positive body image and health can be, enabling them to lead happier, healthier and more empowered lives.  

Rather than focus on a weight-loss centered approach to wellbeing, Rachel’s approach to body positive behaviors is grounded in principals of self-acceptance and Health At Every Size®. Through her dedicated programs, she helps women learn how to apply body-accepting practices to their daily lives. 

Her work has been featured in Huffington Post, XOJane, The Boston Globe, Identity Magazine, YourTango, Daily Mail UK, Boston Innovation, Boston Magazine and many more. Rachel was listed among the Best Of The New 2015 by Boston Globe Sunday Magazine for her work on body acceptance. She was named one of the Top Healthy Weight Bloggers by Green Mountain at Fox Run. She also presents workshops in the greater Boston area and has partnered with Healthworks Fitness Centers for Women, Harvard University, MEDA and more.