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MTLYoga Essentials Series

I am delighted to offer you the More to Love Yoga Essentials Series, a group program to help elevate your knowledge of yoga and body acceptance. Continues through March, 2017.
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For a decade, I have practiced yoga in a large body and understand deeply the worries and hesitations that come with it. I've felt the burn of intimidation, the fear of judgement for being the biggest person in a class, the worry of "will I hurt myself?" and the doubting question..."can my body REALLY do yoga?"

So please listen to me when I tell you this: you are allowed to enjoy yoga and feel capable in your body, no matter your size.

I've been teaching body-acceptance for years, helping to transform peoples lives through my More to Love Method which emphasizes self-love from the inside out and is infused into my brand-new program, the More to Love Yoga Essentials Series. Part yoga workshop, part body-love training, you will explore a well-rounded, safe, and supportive yoga practice while building deeper appreciation for your body and self. 

Woven into each of the monthly gatherings is the very best of my professional yoga teaching and body-acceptance education to help you experience a rich body-awareness blended with fundamental yogic practice.

The More to Love Yoga Essentials Series is the first of its kind in Boston - no other program is specifically designed to help larger bodies blend yoga fundamentals and body acceptance teachings. As a member of this unique program, you will be carried safely through the series with me and a group of peers. Community is at the core of More to Love’s success - you will be inspired and will inspire others as you work through body-acceptance together.

A fusion of yoga and body acceptance awaits

Join the More to love Yoga Essentials Series and you will...

  • Proclaim with confidence “YES, I’m a yogi, too!”

  • Learn the essentials of yoga to ensure a safe, well-rounded and body-loving practice

  • Feel a burst of clarity as you tailor ground-breaking principles of body acceptance to your life

  • Prioritize self-care to support well-being and decrease mental and physical stress

  • Increase ease of movement as you strengthen and build flexibility

  • Savor being part of a welcoming and body-positive group setting

  • ...and so much more

In Each Session you recEIve...

  • Action sheets to help you track your progress - both in yoga and body-love - including creative assignments between sessions

  • Direct yoga instruction and practice, including hands-on teaching of postures, techniques, and how to best-manage limitations/injuries

  • A non-judgemental space that upholds a respect for each persons' body and unique experience

  • A guided relaxation to integrate what you’ve experience.

Dates & group-Session Descriptions
Held in-person at Borealis Yoga Community, 32 Salem Street, MEdford MA

LAST SESSION! Being a More to Love Yogi, Part II || Saturday, March 18, 1-3:15PM
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Closing the series, we’ll experience an empowering slow-flow yoga class and explore how to sustain yoga and body-acceptance in your daily life.

Explore past sessions
 Relax & Refresh || Saturday, February 18, 1-3:15PM
Yoga is a wonderful tool for self-care. This session will help you make a plan for continued self-care and will include samples of aromatherapy, inspiring writing prompts, guided visualization and concludes with a restorative yoga session. 

Let Go & Just Flow || Saturday, January 14, 1-3:15PM
This session, we develop the deep fluid connection between breath and yoga pose, encouraging a serenity that feels both grounding and invigorating. We will also explore balance and playful postures to help you express your body's intuitive nature.

Powerful & Confident || Saturday, December 3, 1-3:15PM
Think "I can't do that pose!" This session will help you quiet your inner negative voice while you learn how to make some of the more popular - yet challenging - yoga poses work for your body. We will focus on techniques to harness the power of confident yoga postures to promote the warrior within. 

Your Sensational Body || Saturday, November 12, 1-3:15PM
Your body is speaking, are you listening? In this session you will tune into your body's natural language to utilize breath, body-awareness and sensations that correspond to your "energetic" body.

Being a More to Love Yogi, Part I || Saturday, October 22, 1-3:15PM
Introduction to More to Love's approach to the pillars of body-acceptance and yoga. This session will help you gain permission to experience and appreciate your own body, as well as introduce you to core yoga foundations and principles.

More to Love Mantra: Yoga is a doorway to deeper body acceptance

Beautiful Body.jpg

You are more than a larger body, you embody all the amazing truths of life through your body. The depth of yoga seems to evaporate years of shame and conditioning that the body is not meant to be experienced or enjoyed. And, for those who have considered weight to be the great mountain to overcome, yoga offers a compassionate pathway through the mountain and a guide to discover what treasures lie within. The More to Love Yoga Essentials Series will help you discover and appreciate this marvelous journey. 


I have a gift and calling to educate and create space for those with larger bodies to learn how to connect and find love in what might feel unlovable. It’s the bedrock of my work through More to Love, it’s my own story, and I'd be honored to help you learn to cherish yourself, one breath at a time.


More to love MantRa: Be a light to others

Your story matters, your presence matters. Often, we feel alone in our desire to have a more loving relationship with our body. So much pressure is placed on the individual to "figure it all out" but there is a more compassionate way that gives you permission to voice your own needs while receiving care and support.

Community can move mountains and this is why I put so much emphases on bringing people of all walks of life together in More to Love - we are all teachers and students to each other. So allow yourself to invest in deepen the connection to your body and in doing so, help shine a light for other people to know that it's OK to love who they are - right here, right now. 


Rachel Estapa, founder of More To Love®, is a certified life coach, certified Kripalu Yoga teacher (200 hour), writer, speaker, and social entrepreneur who focuses on creating an accepting community for plus size people to explore health and wellness. Through writing, private coaching, online group-coaching programs and on-site workshops, she educates on how to redefine what positive body image and health can be, enabling all to lead happier, healthier and more empowered lives.  

More to Love has been profiled on the Emmy-award winning TV show Chronicle and number other respected publications such as Huffington Post, XOJane, The Boston Globe, Identity Magazine, Daily Mail UK, Boston Innovation, Boston Magazine and many more.  Rachel was listed among the Best Of The New 2015 by Boston Globe Sunday Magazine for her work on body acceptance. In 2014, she was named one of the Top Healthy Weight Bloggers by Green Mountain at Fox Run. She also presents workshops in the greater Boston area and has been partnered with Healthworks Fitness Centers for Women and Harvard University. 

Rachel is a certified life coach, fully accredited by the International Coaching Federation and obtained her on-site training through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching in 2011. She is also a trained and certified yoga teacher in the Kripalu tradition, obtaining her 200 hour credits in June 2015, and became the first plus-size yogi profiled in their seasonal magazine. 

Take the next step and thrive in yoga & body acceptance