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More To Love is for plus size women interested in better body image, weight topics, and curvy lifestyle. Weight blog, health at every size, life coaching, BBW, fitness, health

I teach you how to love your body

I'll make it simple: I teach plus-size women how to stop feeling terrible about their bodies. How? Through a process I created which takes you step-by-step through what it takes to overcome your body-issue hangups and start livin' the way you want. 

I've personally overcome my own body-shame and insecurities and practice actively what I preach, which is small, simple steps that add up to self confidence and body acceptance. I'm also a trained and certified coach, devoting years to the tools and skills that make growth and change actually happen for people. But above all: I believe in this body-acceptance work, have helped change many women's lives, and I stand by my core message: your weight doesn't measure your worth. 

At More To Love, joy for your body is not over the horizon, it's available to you right now - you just need to learn how to notice it. And I teach you how to feel beautiful, inside and out. 

Pop quiz time! Which of these common statements about your body have you thought?

  • If I was thinner, then I would be able to have an amazing relationship
  • I feel so fat & ugly every time I look in the mirror 
  • How come I see other big girls looking so confident, but I'm not able to feel that way? 
  • No one is going to ask me out...and weirdly, I'm not even comfortable enough to be physical with anyone. 
  • What is wrong with me? How come I can't lose weight or stick with it? Why is this SO HARD?!
  • I really wish I knew what it meant to love myself... but I've no idea how to believe it!

More To Love gives you permission to be yourself

More To Love embodies these core principals

  • You're not separate from your body, it's a very special part of you and deserves to be cared for

  • Health means taking positive action for your whole well-being, which includes what you eat, think, say and how you exercise your body

  • Self-acceptance is not a free-pass to disregard your own growth and betterment

  • You're allowed you enjoy food that supports your sustainable wellness (chocolate included!)

  • Being fit and fat is totally possible; deep down you know if your day-to-day actions are healthy ones

  • Share your body-struggles/triumphs to inspire, not to compare

  • You're not responsible for other people's opinions of you; you're responsible only for yours

More To Love is a holistic coaching process that helps you become more confident in your curvy appearance from the inside-out through a term I've coined called sustainable wellness. Sustainable wellness focuses on small, daily actions to enrich your health, happiness and sense of personal growth. 

Dieting is not sustainable, nor is beating yourself up for how your body looks today. 

Sustainable wellness aims to bring in more love, kindness and self-awareness in how your treating yourself and your body so that long-term, you're able to trust and share your real self with other people. 

Through private coaching sessions with me, you will move beyond self-doubt and insecurity regarding your body; re-connect with your unique creativity, beauty, body-wisdom, and integrity (which you may feel disconnected from) and begin to re -align your thoughts, ideas and behaviors to those that enable you to enjoy what is already wonderful about you, while simultaneously, gaining confidence and assertiveness to help support any changes you desire. 

Coaching is done by phone on average for three - six months. To learn more about the program, fees and payment options, please use the contact form below. 

Mentorship Program

Beyond coaching, I also have over ten years experience in leadership development, digital strategy and marketing, and offer mentorship programs designed for women who desire to become coaches, writers, or community leaders themselves within the body-positive/wellness space or other mission-driven initiatives. To learn more about the program and fee, please contact me using the form below. 

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