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Day 16: Sweat Baby!


Exercise raises levels of happiness, body confidence, and self-esteem when done regularly. I stand by purposeful body movement as one of the pillars to increasing self-acceptance because it requires you to be honest with you body and to move appropriate to that.

Everyone who starts out hates working out, mainly because we expect ourselves to be at another level and get disappointed when our bodies “cannot do it well.” That's ego, not fitness, which is why I believe exercises has a healing capacity on the body—if you approach it correctly.


No, you don't have to run a mile or even call it "exercise," but try to do something for at least 20 minutes (or to your current ability) that gets your body warmed up. Share with us!

Non-purposeful fitness-related ideas could be: tidying up your yard/garden, cleaning out a closet, parking your car a little father out and walking to the shop, playing music all day and dance when you feel it, going back to your stretch day and doing some more, using the stairs over the elevator, going on a mid-afternoon stroll through the neighborhood, walk your dog to the park and play together - and so many more! 

Two resources to support today: 

Personally, nothing gets me more excited, revved up, and feeling great like working out. Usually, this is a combo of cardio (walking, elliptical, or jogging), and then some active stretches. Fitness has been in my life as long as I can remember, and I’m grateful that my body is able to exercise at higher intensity, but I’m no stranger to injury, so I’ve learned to manage that too.

Whatever you do to raise your heart just a little today, do it with a smile, and have fun!