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The More To Love Class: 28-day online course on how to love your body

The More To Love Class is a 28-day online course to teach larger women how to love their bodies. 

Join my virtual group coaching course designed for plus size women!

More To Love Class (MTLClass for short) is my virtual group coaching course that teaches you how to love, accept, and appreciate your plus size body. 

For 28 inspiring days, you and your classmates work on body-loving activities expertly designed to help you connect more with your body, no matter your size. MTLClass is a safe-space to work through and share your own personal journey and is recognized by the Boston Globe as the best way to foster body acceptance in 2015.

The next MTLClass returns April 2015

Why did I create the More To Love Class?

Not too long ago, I believed all my wildest dreams would be possible when my body became smaller. I would look and feel beautiful. I could wear whatever I wanted without hesitation or scrutiny. I'd feel more at ease in life, have more fun and be praised for losing weight, finally. 

Years of dieting only provided me this: I felt exhausted and disappointed from the whole weight-loss scheme. I was tired of feeling like I had to apologize for the way my body looked. I didn't want to keep living just a fraction of my life, waiting until the weight was gone to start being happy. Yet I still believed in order to feel better, I had to weigh less. 

Until something really amazing changed for me...

I'm sure you too are tired of feeling like a failure for being bigger. Tired of keeping yourself held back due to fear around your body and how it looks to others. Maybe you're still waiting until the pounds go away to find love, find peace, to wear that beautiful sleeveless dress, to walk into a room with a confident stride and beaming smile.

I know how much you want to stop being mean to your own body, to stop critiquing, judging, depriving and hiding. To be able to confidently push back against nit-pickers in your life who keep moralizing your choices. To be able to say "Yeah, I'm bigger—but the scale doesn't measure the whole person I am!"

So let me ask you then....

is your pant-size worth more than your happiness? 

When I asked myself this seemingly small question of revolt against the norm of dieting and body-shame, a revolutionary idea emerged: Even if I NEVER lost a single pound again—I am still allowed to love my body. 

Whoa - pretty radical shift from like, 99% of the media out there! It was one of those realizations that zap something into you and everything seems different. I was excited! Inspired! I hid my scale in the closet and exclaimed "I'M DONE DIETING!" for the world to hear. 

But then, silence. " what?"

We often hear "just love yourself!" as if it were the special ingredient to overcoming body-shame. But honestly, what does that even mean? Where do you start? What does "loving your body" look like? 

It can feel daunting to navigate a new diet-free world while still running on lots of old programs and mechanisms from the previous way of thinking about your body. I knew I wanted to connect the dots of self-love and body acceptance, but found very little help in this realm.

So, I decided I had to carve out my own path towards body acceptance if I wanted peace. The insights I discovered during my own self-love quest became the foundation of the More To Love Class. Today, I am privileged to help women, just like you, learn to love their plus size body and not be defined by the number on the scale. 

My Virtual More To Love Class teaches you how to love your body in just one month 

what is the More To Love Class?

MTLClass is my signature virtual group coaching course. For 28 days, you'll have a chance to grow in self-acceptance by doing body-positive activities designed to revolutionize how you connect to your body. Throughout the class we will explore areas like body-image, your history with weight and identity, how food, fitness and fun factor into your day to day, as well as how your body-image is impacting the relationships around you.

Applying my proven tools and exercises will help you re-calibrate your body-image so you can start to shed years of shame and guilt around dieting and its impact on your body image. You'll be inspired to create new goals and new definitions for health and happiness at your size! 

by joining MTLclass, you will have an outstanding array of 'ah-ha' moments, breakthroughs, tools, resources, ideas, inspiration and motivation around body-acceptance which you can apply to lead a happier and holistically HEALTHIER life. 

The MTLClass is online, so you can participate from any time zone anywhere in the world an you will interact with your classmates via a VERY secured private Facebook group.

The private Facebook group goes into lock-down once the class assembles. And the rules are solid: no judgement, no opinions or critiques about other peoples body-experiences are allowed. MTLClass provides an honest, secure and loving environment for you to share yourself and discover self-love in a transformational and lasting way. 

This is why my class has changed the lives of women already—it works because I've made it impossible for you to fail at learning body-love!

More To Love Class is guaranteed to make you feel  beautiful, confident, and happier with your body right now 

Alright, sounds good - but what are the 28 daily activities like?

Each day during MTLClass, you will learn something incredible about how you connect to your body and yourself. For 28 days, everyone works on the same daily activity and shares within the group. The activities cover an array of topics related to body-image and size acceptance, with special attention to overcoming negative thoughts and beliefs, understanding your relationship to food, the movement of your body and self-care habits. 

The activities are designed to foster deep reflection of your unique body-story and inspire you to respond creatively, authentically and honestly. Some activities will include journaling, vision statements, goal-setting and digital collage making via

Some days will be challenging, but that's the point—you cannot grow unless you experience, understand and consciously move beyond what has been holding you back. Not only will you have my help and encouragement, you'll also have a loving community to cheer you on! All of the actions are designed to help re-frame your view of your body to one of kindness, love and vitality. 

When you take the More To Love Class, you receive...

  • A daily body-positive activity designed to help you learn how to love your body and transform thoughts, actions and attitudes to keep you going long after the class ends
  • Access to a Members Only page to view each assignment in more depth and detail 
  • Access to a private MTLClass Facebook group where you'll be able to safely share your experience with each of the activities
  • Invitation to a live (and recorded) kick-off call that launches the More To Love Class and which explains your FIRST very special activity 
  • A weekly email for the duration of the course which maps out your activities for the week ahead 
  • The support of a wonderful group of encouraging, creative and wise women who also want to increase their daily levels of happiness and body-love
  • An unbelievably TRANSFORMATIVE, CREATIVE and LOVING adventure that will change your relationship to your body!

Below are More To Love Class ALUMNA'S proudly sharing their work  

What else do MTLClass alums have to say?

 Testimony from an alum of the first MTLClass

Testimony from an alum of the first MTLClass

 Real post from an MTLClass alum who found the courage to share her most insecure body-part, her stomach. 

Real post from an MTLClass alum who found the courage to share her most insecure body-part, her stomach. 

 Testimony from an alum of the first MTLClass

Testimony from an alum of the first MTLClass

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