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Create a wellness plan you love following

It can feel really daunting to try and forge your own wellness path amidst a world that tries so hard to get you to buy into diets and fads.

So much of "wellness" is filtered through weight loss as the holy grail to health and happiness. Here at More to Love, wellness is so much more than a number. Wellness is an energy that values the WHOLE self, not just the parts. Wellness is a process, not a set-point, and your attitude and sense of ability to manage your health is a key factor. Wellness does not mean never-unwell. So many of us manage disease and chronic issues, and I consider wellness the relationship to our reality.

Well by MTL is an engaging and motivating program to help you focus and integrate wellness in a realistic and body-positive way.

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"What is one wellness challenge find hard to stick with?"

Real responses from interested members of WELL by MTL


WELL by MTL allows you to prioritize your own well-being on YOUR terms. I will help you get clear on your personal wellness goals and you'll have the added support of a committed group of people to support, lean on, learn from and cheer for along the way.

Who is WELL by MTL great for?

  • You value your health, but know that weight-focus sends you into a spiral of overwhelm and you'd rather not go down that road.
  • You want to feel better in mind and body and know what can make that happen, but find it difficult to stick to it and then find yourself getting burned out, bummed out or overwhelmed.
  • You have a lot on your plate - you do it well - but the stress of keeping it all together is affecting your well-being of mind, body - and even other places.
  • You have some physical/medical conditions that you're working with and want to create a rhythm that keeps them in check but also gives you permission to meet with compassion the not-so-great days (we ALL have them!)
  • You are downright exhausted from all that "THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO" bullshit and are ready to write your OWN wellness rules and live them honestly and with passion.

Wellness on Your Terms

WELL by MTL runs October 23 - November 19, 2017


Week by week, you will build a unique wellness plan that you love. 
Each section is thoughtfully designed to educate, inspire, and motivate you to stick with MEANINGFUL goals and habits.

WELL by MTL - 4 week outline.png

WELL by MTL is designed to be virtual - meaning - you can join from anywhere in the world. Each week, there will be a video lesson, creative assignments + helpful feedback from me along the way.  In addition, you have the support of your peers within our safe, private WELL by MTL social network where you can post your goals, share triumphs and challenges, and support each other. 


About Me: I've been on a personally-directed wellness path for the last decade. I've learned that if I was going to treat my body, mind and spirit in a healthy way, I had to unhook from the world's view around wellness. For many years, I have been managing a series of health-issues including polycystic ovarian syndrome, migraines, and sciatica, and have learned that prioritizing wellness in my life allows me to experience less pain, less struggle and more enjoyment.

Helping people own their wellness is my specialty - I love getting you over hurdles that keep you stuck in self-doubt and shame

I'm a certified training coach and professional yoga teacher. I approach wellness from the inside out. I believe that thoughts and beliefs transform into action. WELL by MTL is about aligning your thoughts and actions so that you feel confident and empowered in your wellness.

I look forward to taking this new journey with you.

Questions? Answers!

How does WELL by MTL really work? 
During WELL by MTL, you will be inspired and motivated to create, experience, and make a plan to help you sustain wellness habits uniquely meaningful to you. Broken into 4 weekly segments with an accompanied educational video, you will have assignments to complete and share. The program is progressive - meaning the work builds upon itself - so commitment to participating means you’ll get the most value from your investment. In addition, you will have heaps of loving support from your WELL by MTL peers, including just-for-fun sections, chat/messaging functions and direct virtual coaching by Rachel.

When does it run?
Members will have access to the private network begining Friday, October 20, but the program officially runs from October 23 - November 19, 2017

Why are you creating this?
WELL by MTL takes you on the journey from “I wish I did this good thing more” to “I am intentionally prioritizing this good thing.” For over 7 years, I have personally and professionally been on a path that blends the mental and physical work around body-positivity. In my own life, wellness is a central value because I have learned through trial and error the downsides of not prioritizing it. As a body-positive teacher, I also know that many people value their own health and well-being, but it can feel confusing on how to make that happen without getting sucked into the diet-mindset.

What do you mean by WELLNESS?
More to Love values a non-weight approach to wholeness in mind, body and beyond. So with More to Love’s approach, wellness is a relationship you have with your values and actions around it.That’s it! This means that what wellness is for you might be totally different for another person - but I will talk you through the skills and tools needed to help YOU get clear around what wellness means for you, and more importantly, how to act and keep it going.

How is WELL by MTL different than other body-positive programs?
The gravity of the diet-industry often pulls “wellness” into its orbit, and for those who are trying to distance themselves from the unhelpful measurement of weight and numbers, it can be a lonely road. But it doesn’t have to be, which is why I create dynamic programs that blend personal experience and community support. More to Love’s greatest value is empowering YOU to take command of your own body and well-being by providing you the space, tools and encouragement you need. WELL by MTL is not a checklist; rather, it’s a check-in for you to get clear and commit to wellness as it matters to you most.

I have a really busy life...can I actually make this happen?
Absolutely and in fact - you must. More to Love’s approach to well-being is not about changing your whole life around, but helping you to integrate your values and needs in a way that compliments all you’ve got going on. But a reminder too: this program is progressive - meaning the work builds upon itself - so commitment to participation means you’ll get the most value from your investment.

What private network is being used?
WELL by MTL runs within a private network, accessible only to members of this program.

Part of my health plan IS intentional weight loss, can I still join?
Everyone is allowed to define wellness on their own terms, and if weight is a part of that for you, you are welcome to join but please know and respect the rules of this program: no weight-loss talk allowed.

Who else will be in the program?
There is a common-thread among More to Lovelies - we are a heart-centered group of people who value kindness and lifting others through our own growth. We also tend to be women who have a long (and complex) relationship with our own bodies, and just want some peace from the drama of negative body messages. Within this program, people will come from all walks of life, various experiences and goals - but that is exactly what makes WELL by MTL strong, because the shared values of well being in a body-positive way is something truly special and empowering for the individual and group.

Will you be running WELL by MTL again?
I hope so!

Still have a question?
Email me!