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More To Love helps plus size women learn and practice body acceptance

Have peace with your body, finally

I honestly know how tired, sad, hurt and guilty you've felt for a long time over how your body looks and feels. Living with a larger body comes with many challenges which most people without "weight issues" simply don't understand. 

But it's also not about within a body you don't consider home is really tough. And maybe forever, you've wanted one simple thing: to like your body. 

I know how you feel. You want peace! That's all! But it feels nearly impossible sometimes, right? I get it and I’m here to help.

See, I spent the first half of my life agonizing over how to lose weight. Diets upon diets, over-exercising to the point of injury, misplaced faith in “Ok, tomorrow! I’m starting tomorrow!” and downright dreadful years of deprivation, guilt and shame around how I looked took a huge toll on me, but never got me the body I longed for. 

It’s exhausting to believe something is really wrong with you for not being able to “figure it out” and lose weight. I felt like a loser for way too long and missed out on so much life as I waited until the day it all "clicked." 

Tired, frustrated and angry, I reached the end of my rope with trying to lose weight. Defeated, a little tiny voice popped I never heard before...

 instead of focusing so hard on making less of myself, what would happen if I focused on loving MORE of me? 

It was a total 180 from business as usual. Love THIS body? Huh?? I figured if dieting wasn't getting me where I wanted, which was to feel at peace and enjoy the body I had, then there had to be another way! A way that didn't feel like punishment for being me. 

And let me tell you...the moment I opened up to the possibility to love my body in all its curvy glory, my life changed. I felt better, more upbeat. I got excited about fashion, stopped stressing about food, felt more kindness towards myself and people around started to say "something about you Rach just feels different!" I became engaged and soon married to loving and caring man. I even got a raise at work because I had the confidence to ask for it!

It was obvious now happy I was with my new approach to my body. And it spread into many more areas of my life, ones I didn't foresee. 

When I learned how to love my body, I took careful notes because I knew this path was not just for me - it was going to help countless women break free from the weight loss-driven approach to feeling home in her body. 

So let's ask the question again...


Because here at More To Love, I teach you something exceptionally life-changing: what it honestly takes to finally be at peace in your body.

I want you to realize right now you are...

  • enough of a beautiful woman to look at yourself fully in the mirror and smile
  • loving and caring enough to have that reflected and respected in all your personal relationships
  • exceptional enough to have a life full of happiness, joy and pleasure
  • worthy of allowing your body at any size to take up space, to move with grace and feel alive

More To Love is devoted to helping you reclaim your body, confidence and happiness because there is so much amazing life you're missing out on while you wait on losing weight first. 


If you have any questions about working together with me, please fill out the form below and I will respond within 24 hours. 

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